Company profile

Shenzhen Renew Diving Engineering Co., Ltd. (R-N Diving) is a private limited company formed and registered in Shenzhen, South China. Adhering to the principle of quality and integrity first, R-N Diving has completed lots of services in good quality and wins good reputation among the clients.

Service area

R-N Diving provides its services for marine vessel and offshore including:

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  • NDT (In-water Survey, Underwater Visual/ CCTV Inspection, Underwater Thickness Gauging, Underwater Magnetic/ Ultrasonic Test, Underwater Corrosion Potential Test)
  • Underwater Cleaning
  • Propeller Polishing
  • Underwater Sea Chest and Overboard Valve Plugging
  • Underwater Welding and Cutting
  • Underwater Repair and Maintenance
  • Diving Operation for reservoir dam and strobes of power plant, jetty & dock construction and quay wall construction.

The senior management team members have a combined management experiences of more than 10 years in diving operation, all technicians graduated from marine university and the divers have been trained and certified by national authorized institute for qualification of NDT and Welding.

What we believe

We believe that individual attention to each diving project makes all the difference in quality and reliability. We believe in honesty and integrity, and in offering the best value possible for every dollar spent. We believe that shortcuts don’t work in the long term, and that there is no substitute for years of technical expertise and diving knowledge.


To be the premier boutique diving engineering firm.

Our Mission

To provide high levels of personalised service with honesty, integrity, expertise and technical proficiency, and use excellent quality products and components in all that we do to ensure unmatched value for our customers.